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This product was made for me and anyone else who is absent minded.  I can’t even count how many mornings I would go to leave my house for work and realize that I had left my garage door open all night.  It was terrifying realizing anyone could have taken anything out of my garage and worse walked right into my house in the middle of the night.  And yet as scary as that was, I still somehow forgot after a few months had gone by.  I set alarms and still it would happen from time to time.

Then I found this product online randomly searching for a solution.  It is so easy to use and install even a child or an elderly person could do it.  It is a blue tooth device that you place on your garage door and then you plug in the light stick receiver (which are included) anywhere in your home where you will see it before you go to bed and it lets you know if your garage door is open or not.  There are also free android or apple apps that you can use to let you know if it’s open as well.  But you don’t need the app for this to be of value to you.  I am going to get one for my 81 year old Mother who is not good with techie items.  She doesn’t even have a smart phone.

If you want an easy, affordable way to give you peace of mind, this product is for you. So simple, but very effective.