As a homeowner I carry a decent amount of insurance coverage. I do believe it is very helpful in catastrophic events and emergencies. That’s what it is there for. 

It is a common scenario to be conscious of spending and therefore you opt for a higher deductible in exchange for lower annual insurance rates. Understandable in today’s economy.

Imagine coming home after a long day of work, youth sports, errands and grocery shopping. You unload your van and get your kids in the house to clean up before dinner. Pretty routine day, except this time, you forget to close your garage door. The next morning when you finally notice, you also know that your husband’s $1500 Mountain Bike is gone!

Immediately you start searching for other missing items. You notice that your traveling luggage and expensive Milwaukee drill sets are also gone.

Now the anxiety and the feeling of being violated and vulnerable begins to set. Now you must file a police report for your insurance claim.

Dealing with the insurance company makes you feel awkward. Some of their questions make you feel like you were the thief.

Now a claim gets filed and a check is made out to you for $2375.00. But minus the deductible of $2000.00 you end up with only $375.00. Not nearly enough to cover the loss, and to make matters worse, next year’s rates will increase.

But what are you going to do now, can’t fight the insurance company. I knew what I signed up for in advance. 

So now we begin to go into prevention mode so situations like this don’t happen again.

What could I have done and what can I do to prevent this? Remembering to close the Garage Door is easier said than done. 

Now you look for other options: Garage Door Monitors ,Garage Door Sensors, Garage Door position indicators, Garage Door open reminders and Garage Door security. You found several and decided to buy one. 

Setting it up was a bit complicated but you finally got it done. It now alerts your phone when the door is opened and you can even close your garage door from your phone. 

But after using the device for a few weeks, you realize you get a lot of unnecessary alerts. For example, being notified when you pull into your garage is pointless. You’re going for simplicity and convenience. You just want to be alerted when it’s open.

One day you’re watching TV and see a commercial for Garage Door Minder and now you’re curious and begin to do some research online.

No WiFi, no wires and no passwords. And the setup looks painless!

It was a simple bluetooth device with amazing range and allows you to add as many light stick receivers for notifications as you’d like. One for each room in your house if you wanted.

It has bright LED lights that continuously blink until my garage door is closed as well as beep notifications with adjustable volumes.

The best feature is the price, especially when compared to your insurance deductible you just paid.

Just having a Garage Door Minder let’s everyone in the house know that our garage is open.

It’s easy to think you are protected by having insurance for your belongings but in this situation you come up short once you factor in deductibles, premiums and stress.

Don’t wait, shop Garage Door Minder from the Two Commas Company today.