Let’s explore some of the options you have when choosing the right door monitor for your home. Garage door monitors can provide various features and have a wide range in pricing; but when you consider the cost of your valuables versus the cost of a security system, your garage door monitor is very inexpensive.

Garage door monitors are tools with the primary function of alerting you when your garage door is open. Everyone has different preferences for how and when they would like to be notified. Some prefer audio alerts, some prefer visuals, and some may prefer popups on their mobile devices.

The most popular times for people to pay closer attention to their monitors are in the evenings when watching movies with their family’s, having dinner or late nights when they’re getting ready for bed.

Garage Door Minder was designed to help users avoid passwords, logins, Wi-Fi setup and complex installations. We highly recommend this product to anyone who wants maximum convenience with minimum effort.

Consider the type of garage door you have and whether the monitor is compatible

The first main consideration is the type of garage door you have. The two most common types are:

  • Most garage doors are made up of metal that rolls up using a chain & track system that is triggered by an automatic garage door opener.
  • Another popular type of garage is a wooden door operated by a counter balance spring that opens the door at once. 

The next most important consideration when designing your garage door monitoring system is the amount of doors you have. The advantage of the Garage Door Minder system is that one single unit can be used on one door; therefore if you have a 3 car garage with two doors, only 2 units are needed.

The Garage Door Minder mounting bracket attaches to all surfaces using a peel and stick high strength bond tape from 3M. The unit can be easily slid out from the bracket for easy battery replacement.

Decide on the features you want and need

Garage Door Minder uses bright blinking LED lights that keep blinking as long as the garage door is open. It continuously notifies you until the door is closed. Garage Door Minder also has audio alerts that have low, medium, high or the option to have 45 second intervals.

Another key feature of the Garage Door Minder is its ability to pair with up to 8 different light stick receivers, allowing you to be notified in any room you would like to place a receiver.

Multiple door monitors can be paired with multiple receivers so that your entire system is integrated. The built-in meshing technology also turns each receiver into a repeater, allowing you to keep extending the range to over 100 feet.

Lastly, the Garage Door Minder system offers a free mobile application that provides you with bluetooth notifications. It is available on both Android and iOS platforms.

Consider the installation process and whether you need professional help

Most Garage Door Monitors have complicated installation instructions and involve multiple steps. First you need to install the device; oftentimes with hardware, running wires and setting up power supplies. Next you need to login and connect to your home wifi network. Lastly, you usually have to create an account in order to be able to even use your system.

Our flagship product, the Garage Door Minder, takes more time and effort to get it out of the box than it will to install. With its built-in auto pairing you will be up and running  in 30 seconds. 

We put a lot of thought and consideration into developing our line of Garage Door Minder products in order to make our customers’ experience as seamless as possible. Monitoring your Garage Door shouldn’t have to be complicated. 

Garage Door Minder was designed by a consumer who kept leaving his own garage door open at night, and that’s how I invented the world’s first Bluetooth Garage Door Monitor.