About Us

The Two Commas Company

The Two Commas Company was founded in 2016. Even though we are a relatively new business, between the owners we have a collective 40 years of experience in electronics, mechanical engineering, software, hardware, and product development.

We started this company to share our minds and products with the world. Our initial thought was to design and develop products that consumers need and can benefit from on a daily basis. Let’s solve some problems together.

Our flagship product, the Garage Door Minder, was crafted and designed to give homeowners piece of mind. We’re all guilty of driving off and forgetting to close the garage door behind us, or worse, leaving it open at night. We get it, you’re busy.

Our second invention was designed to help businesses and logistics companies protect their cargo. The Truck Door Minder is aimed at commercial companies and delivery outfits that rely on speed and require security features on their trucks. Things happen, drivers can get distracted and drive off with their cargo doors opened, or worse, drivers may spend too long in an establishment and come back to find their cargo gone or exposed.

The Screen Door Grabber is our latest invention and a must for every home with a sliding screen door. Wear and tear can occur relatively quickly, especially with children. This inexpensive and easy to install device can add years of life to your screen doors and mitigate costly replacements.

All of our products are engineered by our team here in the USA. Our team currently holds 4 United States Utility Patents, with additional patents pending.

We look forward to servicing our community and helping average citizens and businesses have a little extra piece of mind. Please feel free to reach out to our Customer Service department and let us know how we can help you.

All the best,

-The Two Commas Company Team