Garage Door Minder® V2 3 Car Garage Door Monitor Bundle for 2 Doors Set | Open or closed Indicator Notifications

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Garage Door Minder 3 Car Garage (2 door) set comes to you with our new Auto Pairing feature. Simply plug and play sets up in minutes. Designed to monitor both Garage doors with multiple lightsticks you place anywhere in your home. When either door is open both lightsticks will notify you. GarageDoorMinder is the world’s first wireless garage door monitoring system that does not require Wi-Fi or an Internet connection to alert you that your garage door in open. Buy a GarageDoorMinder for your family, and one for those important to you. Monitor the open or closed status of the largest door to your home… your garage door… protect your valuables with Garage Door Minder Version 2. The new Garage Door Minder Version 2 features UNLIMITED range due to our newly developed Bluetooth® Mesh technology. Each Garage Door Minder Version 2 Lightstick Receiver “talks” to all others, so you can be notified ANYWHERE in your home or yard if your garage door is open. Be sure to buy an extra Lightstick Receiver. Don’t like beeping? We have you covered! Garage Door Minder Version 2 features: Beeper OFF, Beeper 50% Volume, and Beeper Delay to make the Lightstick Receiver beep only every 45 seconds. You’ll love the flexibility of having different Lightstick Receivers operate in different beeper modes. Multiple garage doors can be monitored by the Garage Door Minder Version 2 system. Add up to 8 Transmitters and 8 Lightstick Receivers to your system. All can be synced to operate together or in pairs for each door. The Garage Door Minder Version 2 is the only garage door monitoring system in the world that gives you this flexibility.

Features & details

• Light And Beeper Notifications with Programable on/off Features.
• Monitor Multiple Doors, Units come already paired up.
• Low Cost Protection. Bluetooth 4/5.Long Life Battery.
• No Wi-Fi Needed. No Internet Needed. 100% Wireless.
• Free iPhone And Android Apps Available But Not Required.

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Is MY Garage Door Open?

Eliminate the worry and danger of forgetting to close your garage door. The GarageDoorMinder™ door monitor system is a simple solution to keep your family and belongings safe.

With the GarageDoorMinder™ door monitor system, when your door is open, a warning light inside your home alerts you.

In less than two minutes you can place the GarageDoorMinder™ Transmitter onto the inside of your garage door, and plug the GarageDoorMinder™ Receiver into any nearby outlet in your home.

No expensive service subscriptions to buy, wires to install and connect, and best of all, GarageDoorMinder™ does not require Wi-Fi to operate. Buy a GarageDoorMinder™ system for your home, and one for the homes of loved ones today!

Garage Door Minder Version 2

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