It’s not news that crime has been on the rise. Society in general has changed over the past 10 years. Poverty levels are up, jobs are down, inflation is up and there are lots of individuals who just don’t care to work. Homelessness is at an all-time high, especially in states like New York and California.

Criminals like to prey on the sick, elderly and on easy targets. Is your garage door an easy target? Yes it is. 

Having a garage door monitor allows you to be in control of whether or not the largest door in your home is closed and secure. You need a monitor you can trust, something reliable, and a product you have confidence in. 

Our flagship product, the Garage Door Minder, is highly recommended by shoppers on Amazon and has over 150+ reviews.

According to the bureau of statistics, a break-in occurs every 26 seconds in the United States. This adds up to 2.5 million home break-ins every year costing over $3.4 Billion dollars annually in stolen and damaged property.

Here are a few more statistics that cause major concern for homeowners:

  • 46.9% of people don’t have a home security system installed in their home.
  • 20.2% of people have had their cars burglarized in their own neighborhood.
  • 15.9% of respondents chose their dog for security reasons.
  • Garage Door Monitors were listed as the most important feature to have in a security system (32.3%). Door open sensors (28.6%) and floodlights (24.5%) were found to be in the top three most important features.
  • 77.2% of people can’t see their garage door from a window while in their home, despite the Garage door being the access point for 34% of burglars.
  • 55.4% of homeowners have looked at or searched garage door monitors.

Is your home safe from becoming another statistic? Are you comfortable not knowing whether or not the largest door into your house is open?

It’s time to start investing into a garage door sensor that notifies you of the position of your garage door. 

You have to ask yourself what you want and need in choosing the right sensor for your garage door system. 

What type of notifications do you prefer? How and where can I be notified? Is installation going to be a challenge? Do I need to have Wi-Fi? These are just a few of the most popular considerations when comparing different garage door monitors. 

Garage Door Minder is the world’s first Bluetooth garage door monitor. What does that mean to you, the consumer? It means no Wi-Fi, no passwords, no wires and fast easy installation. Protect your garage in seconds. No contractor work, no installation fees and no monthly subscriptions  required.

Garage Door Minder is the most efficient and smallest investment you can make into protecting your family, belongings and your home.