Two-Commas Company is excited to announce that we have received our second patent this year. Lead inventor and Two-Commas CEO, Robert Lawson, has officially been recognized and received a patent on the Screen Door Grabber

The Screen Door Grabber was designed to eliminate wear and tear on screen doors. It is a simple, cost-effective solution that helps homeowners save hundreds of dollars on replacement screen doors and repairs. The device has been extremely popular during the Spring and Summer; a season where people host events and entertain guests, as well as in homes with small children.

A few months prior, Robert received his first patent for the Garage Door Minder; Two-Commas flagship product. Since then, the team of engineers have been working diligently on some new inventions. There are a few patents in the works and new products are currently in the testing phase. We’re excited and looking forward to making formal announcements soon. Be sure to read our blog and follow us on social media to stay looped in.

The Two-Commas Company

US Patent No.: US 10,494,835 B1
Awarded: December 3, 2019