Inspiration can come from many things; music, art, travel, or in the case of our lead inventor Robert, insane stunts. Robert has always liked to take things up a notch and it’s for this reason that Two-Commas is always looking ahead.

Good things come to those who are bold, daring, and not afraid to go all in and take risks. In this situation, Robert committed to one of his close friends and helped make his dream become a reality. New experiences and challenges are what helps us grow as individuals. Life is too short and it is important that we all get as much as we can out of it.

When asked if he would do it again, Robert responds with, “In a heartbeat.” It’s Roberts commitment to his business and to his team that allows him to engineer new solutions to everyday problems. The Two-Commas Company is forward thinking and we are all looking forward to what comes next.

Check out the video and Roberts commentary below. Let us know what you think and if you would like to tag along on the next adventure.


“Skydiving was something I have always wanted to do. But never just went and did it. Then one day a friend of mine posted on Facebook he has cancer and the prognosis didn’t look good. So he asked if anyone wanted to help him with his bucket list of going skydiving. I decided right then was my chance so I took the both of us skydiving. It really touched me just thinking about how valuable our time is here on earth not to mention the fact that he was virtually giving a date. So for me it was a no brainer I am jumping out of a plane.

It was fantastic I was expecting the feeling you experience like when your on a rollercoaster but it was nothing like that. My nerves where getting the best of me weeks before I went. The actual day I finally just let go to the fact I am jumping and that’s that. Plus my wife was there so no chickening out. The plane ride was sketchy and I was feeling nervous but when it can time to jump instinct took over. Soon as I was out of the plane it felt like I was just going fast and the wind was passing by me. No stomach in my throat feeling as I fell for 60 seconds at 125 mph. Then it was time to pull the chute and it was dead silent as I coasted down and landed back on the ground. It was a blast and I would definitely go back and do it again.”

-Robert Lawson
 CEO, The Two-Commas Company