Your Current Garage Door Monitor is Outdated or no Longer Works Properly 

How old is your current monitor and does it still work? Wear and tear is natural but can render these monitors unusable or unreliable. With all the technology out there, there are a lot of options to consider. 

Our Garage Door Monitor is updated and completely wireless with no passwords or WiFi required. With easy installation you’ll be monitoring your garage door in minutes. 

If you’re already using a monitor make sure it works and ask yourself: 

  • Does it alert you when the garage door is open? 
  • Are the alerts one time or continuous? 
  • Visual or Audible? 

Garage Door Minder provides all the necessary audible, visual and continuous notifications. 

Are you Tired of Having to Manually Check if your Garage Door is Closed? 

If you’re like most of us then your answer is yes. Today we are all busy driving kids around, pulling in and out of the garage loading and unloading groceries, pets and whatever else you have. Not to mention opening your garage door for yard work, getting bikes or toys out and then going inside and forgetting the largest door in your home is open. What about having to always go check to see if it is closed. 

Wouldn’t it be nice to know there is a door open sensor that can give you notification with just a glance at a bright LED light or an audible alert? Think about that and the safety and security not to mention the ease of not having to physically get up or go down stairs to check if the door is closed. 

Can you imagine how you would feel to wake up in the morning and see it was left open all night? 

Is anything missing or is there any vandalism caused by weather, rodents or criminals?

You Need Additional Security Features for your Home 

Peace of mind is what Garage Door Minder adds to your home. It works on any Garage door and it doesn’t matter what kind of opener you already have.

If you have a security system already, let our open door sensor monitor your garage door. Get the peace of mind you deserve without all the expensive hardware, or even worse, monthly subscription fees.

Garage Door Minder has no fees or subscriptions, it’s a one time purchase. It comes with many features and is capable of monitoring multiple doors and adding additional receivers so you can add one to all the commonly used rooms in your house.

You do not have a Garage Door Monitor System Installed

Consider some reasons why it is important to have a Garage Door Monitor:

  • The garage is the largest door in your home and displays all your tools, bikes, golf clubs, motorcycles, cars and lawn equipment. All of these are valuable and just sitting there for someone to walk off with. 
  • Freezing temps, rain ,dust and leaves can all cause expensive damages to your home. 
  • Critters coming and going or nesting and rummaging. 
  • Crime is on the rise. Criminals don’t care how hard you work or if you need those tools to go to work tomorrow. That’s assuming they keep their crime spree limited to just your garage. Imagine if they decided to enter through the access door into your house.

Garage Door Minder is the safe and easy way to monitor your garage door with just a glance. If the lights or beeper are activated then the door is open. Beeper volume and frequency is controllable. Blinking LED lights can not be changed or modified; the only way to change the blinking lights is to close the garage door. With easy installation it literally takes more time getting it out of the box then it does to install. 

Your Current Garage Door Monitor doesn’t Integrate with Other Smart Home Devices

Garage door monitors these days use all sorts of technology and of course that comes with extra wires, power supplies, sensors or control buttons. After that you have to integrate it with your home WiFi connected through your computer. That means another password to memorize. 

What if you lose WiFi or your router goes down due to a power outage? Technology can be nice and convenient, until it’s not. Unless you are very techy and like maintaining these systems, you probably value simplicity and appreciate having one less thing to worry about. 

Our Garage door monitor system is the perfect door open sensor to keep you notified on the status of your garage door. Garage Door Minder pairs with our free apps to send Bluetooth notifications to your smartphone (available on iOS and Android).

Our application was specifically designed for those who drive down the street and second guess, “Did I close the Garage Door?“ We’ve all had to turn around and double check at some point.

Our system was designed to be expandable. You could add extra light stick receivers to monitor from multiple rooms in your house, as well as additional sensors for those that have multiple garage doors.

Our device is smart and has sophisticated technology without the need for wires, WiFi or passwords. Garage Door Minder is simple and designed to work for you, not against you.