What is Screen Door Grabber? I am so glad you asked. It is a set of UV-PVC plastic devices that look like a T Shape about a foot long. They are designed to augment your screen door handle and they come in black or white. There is two-sided tape on the back for easy installation. Now you know what a Screen Door Grabber is.

How do I install a Screen Door Grabber? Once you receive your set, you will wipe down the frame of the screen door with an alcohol swab that is provided. Then you peel the two-sided tape and stick one on each side of the screen door frame closest to the edge with the screen and about 10 inches below the existing handle on your screen door. Easy enough right?

So what exactly does Screen Door Grabber do? Well that is another great question. Once you have installed your new Screen Door Grabber, they are ready for use! When a person travels through a screen door the normal approach is to grab the handle and slide it open and then they reach back behind them and slide it closed usually using the frame so without looking sometimes, well most of the time, we misjudge and our fingers can and do make contact with the actual screen causing rips and tears. Well Screen Door Grabber is a very innovative invention that gives you the handle exactly where you need it. Think about how many times you’ve taken a tray of food out to your grill and you need to reach behind you with one hand to close the screen door. Well the Screen Door Grabber is positioned perfectly to allow you to do so with ease. Clever right? You won’t even know it’s there, but you WILL use it! It prevents those rips and tears that somehow bugs find use to enter our homes, so it keep bugs out too!

One testimonial said it prevented a woman from breaking her nails. So all you ladies with long nails have now been informed that this can work for you too. What about someone in a wheel chair who can’t reach the regular door handle because it’s too high? Now with Screen Door Grabber, is it right in front of them at a level that is perfect. It also helps with people with a walker, crutches or a cane. WOW! It just keeps getting better and better.

But wait I’m not finished yet! Yes there’s more. How many of you have kids? Oh no did I just say a four letter word (kids)? Yes I did, Screen Door Grabber is perfect for kids too. It is almost like it was made just for them. Well, in large part it was. The normal screen door handle is way too high for them so they usually pull on the frame and even the screen to open the door which guarantees wear and tear on the screen and eventually leads to those pesky openings in the screen that we all hate. Kids don’t know any better bless their hearts, but with Screen Door Grabber they will have a handle just for them and they won’t even realize that it wasn’t already there.

So far so good right? Screen Door Grabber just makes sense. So here is the deal, it’s practical on all levels. It’s great for adults, kids and people with physical limitations. It keep bugs out and prevents rips, tears and costly repairs to your screen door. Not to mention they are very streamlined, sleek and almost unnoticeable. And here it is, wait for it…………it’s very inexpensive coming in at $24.99 with available discount deals of up to 10% on multiple purchases.

So in conclusion, Screen Door Grabber is a winner on all accounts. If you have a home with screen doors, this product is for you! If you have kids it’s for you? If you have ever had to repair a screen door it’s for you! I could go on and on, but you get the picture, don’t you? It just makes great sense, so get yourself a set or two now!!