August 2022

The Two Commas Company would like to thank all those who helped achieve FCC approval.

Two Commas flagship product, the GarageDoorMinder™️, has been under development for many years. It has taken many hours of sweat equity from the Two Commas engineering, research, software and design departments.

Lots of testing goes into inventing the perfect garage door monitor. Especially one that stands out and is different from any others on the market. The Two Commas garage door monitor is the world’s first Bluetooth garage door monitoring system. Using Nordic semiconductors for proven quality, the NRF52820 and NRF52811 chipsets are both leaders in the Bluetooth low energy market. They offer unparalleled long-range capabilities when compared to other chipsets. 

GarageDoorMinder™️ has been very successful and has performed above and beyond customer expectations. After repeated testing, GarageDoorMinder™️ Version 2 has been released with various new and improved features:

  • Meshing which allows the receivers to act as repeaters and extend the range capabilities up to 1000 feet.
  • The ability to sync multiple transmitters to receivers.
  • The auto pairing feature makes it easy to pair multiple transmitters and receivers at once.
  • Audible and LED warning notifications let you see your garage door is open.
  • Volume control allows for normal, low and sound off.
  • Long battery lasts up to 3 years (Engineered for 15 minutes of open per day) and batteries are easily replaceable.
  • Installation is very easy, just plug and play right out of the box.
  • The new transmitter mounting clip is provided to peel and stick to your door using 3M VHB tape. Still allowing you the ease of sliding the transmitter out of the mounting clip to change batteries.

The Two Commas garage door monitor system requires No Wires, No Wi-Fi, No Passwords and No Subscription Service to operate.

The Two Commas Company stands behind the product with a lifetime guarantee from defects.

The GarageDoorMinder™️ is the only garage door monitor system you will ever need to protect your home, belongings and your family.