Truck Door Minder No Wi-Fi Needed. Quick & Simple 5- Minute Installation. Monitor your rear Cargo Door be sure your valuables are safe and secure.

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  • Reduces Product Loss
  • Reduces Lawsuit Liability
  • Installs in Only 5 Minutes
  • Visual & Audible Alarms
  • Works with Truck On or Off
  • Optional Free Mobile Apps
  • Patented Cab-to-Door System
  • Designed for roll up doors

Truck Door Minder was designed to help business owners along with fleet managers to reduce cargo loss. In todays market it is vital to be sure everything is being done to make sure product is delivered on time and without damage. We all know what happens when the rear cargo door is left open, product loss, delayed delivery, time lost, redo paperwork, reproduce items damaged, reload truck, back out for delivery and lets not forget customer feed back. Then there is also the liability issues that can arise if someone on the road is injured from your product falling out. Truck door Minder Works for you to eliminates this from happening using Bluetooth technology to communicate with transmitter and receiver it notifies the driver of the status of the door with beeper notifications and visual light. With our Patented design it works with or without the key in the ignition. Comes with free Android and Apple app.                                                      PATENTED US 10,217,347 



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Prevent Cargo Theft & Reduce Your Company’s Liability.

The patented TruckDoorMinder™ cargo door monitoring system is the low-cost, high value way to prevent human error that causes loss of merchandise due to theft and reduces liability due to dropped items on the roadway.

TruckDoorMinder™ is the world’s first industrial quality wireless door-to-cab cargo door monitoring system that alerts drivers with an attention-getting flashing light and audible beeper that the truck cargo door is open.

TruckDoorMinder™ is self-powered to monitor the door even with the truck power off. Using the optional Android or iPhone app TruckDoorMinder™ can even alert drivers of the door status on their mobile devices from up to 250 feet away.

Installation of the TruckDoorMinder™ system takes just minutes and can pay for itself by preventing just one theft or accident, and may even be able to lower the cost of your truck insurance.

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