Screen Door Grabber

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Stops Expensive Screen Rips
Makes Any Door Easier To Use
Easy Peel & Stick Installation
Vinyl Window-Grade Material
Resists Sun, Heat, & Cold
Super Strong 3M® Adhesive
Perfect for Kids & the Elderly


3 reviews for Screen Door Grabber

  1. Jim L. (verified owner)


    Brilliant idea! These work great! We have a three and a five-year-old who find it easier to reach through the screen to open the door and we needed a solution. The Screen Door Grabber solved the problem.

    The package arrived quickly, and included 2 with 3M adhesive and an alcohol wipe pad. At my fault, one of the grabbers didn’t adhere properly popped off. When I contact customer service to see if I could purchase a replacement, they were very quick to respond, and immediately sent out a replacement. They were even kind enough to follow-up and make sure I receive the replacement.

    I’m thinking of getting another set for the upper part of the screen door for adult use. The original purchase was in white but it blends in with the white door. I will buy black next time.

    Product: 5 stars!
    Customer service: 5 stars!

    (This was an unsolicited review of an actual purchase of the product. By me! I hope my review helped!)

  2. Tawny Blake (verified owner)

    I am loving my Screen Door Grabber! It’s so much easier to open and close the door because the screen door grabber has more space to grab. Standard screen door handles have very little to grab to open and close the screen door, especially for us ladies who have long fingernails. When your going in and out with your hands full, you can literally close the screen with your elbow. It’s harder do that with a standard screen door handle. I purchased 2 sets and gave one to my son and daughter-in-law. They have a 1 year old that is starting to walk. The product arrived very quick. It even had an alcohol pad included to clean the space prior to installation. This is such a great product. I highly recommend the Screen Door Grabber. You will love it!!!

  3. Leslie

    We love this addition to our screen doors!

    Our screen was constantly falling off the tracks because our toddlers were pushing on the mesh to get outside.

    What a brilliant answer to my problem!

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Why Screen Door Grabber?

Easy. ScreenDoorGrabber™ handles prevent costly damage to your sliding screen doors and provides a more convenient way to close and open your screen doors.

Once you try our ScreenDoorGrabber™ handles you’ll wonder how you ever did without them! Your guests (and kids) will naturally use our invention every time they open and close your doors.

Proven to prevent screen fabric rips, and long fingernail damage.

Simply clean an area of the door frame with the included alcohol square, peel the backing from the super strong 3M® double-sided tape, and press the ScreenDoorGrabber™ handles to the door frame.

ScreenDoorGrabber™ handles are made from the same sun and weather-resistant material as expensive vinyl windows. They won’t crack, discolor, or peel from your doors and have been engineered to last longer than your door itself. Buy today!

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